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Wind Power

1.Solar wind hybrid systems

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying wide array of qualitative range of Wind Solar Hybrid Systems to our respected clients. Wind Solar Hybrid System is designed in accordance to international quality standards by our skilled professionals. Wind Solar Hybrid Systems are extensively used in converting wind energy into rotational energy. These Wind Solar Hybrid Systems are widely acclaimed by the clients for their excellent performance, longer functional life and superior quality. Our respected clients can avail these products from us at market leading prices.


  • Simple installation
  • Savings on electricity bills
  • No fuel required
  • Transportation problems and uncertainty in availability of fuel are totally avoided by using solar photovoltaic systems
  • Clean & Silent source of Power

Product Details:

We provide MNRE approved products only

  • Our products are matching TEDA standards

2.Compressed Air Wind Turbine

Compressed Air Wind Turbines are technologically superior than conventional Wind Turbines available in the market today. Ideally suited for building/ bungalow rooftop applications, they produce 70% more power than the competing horizontal axis wind turbine brands. Wind Turbine has a diffuser in the form of a duct which compresses air, thereby increasing the wind speed by upto 2 times. For any wind turbine with comparable blade size, the power produced is raised to power of three, for every unit increase in the velocity of the wind.The Wind Turbine uses this principle. It uses the Venturi effect to attain this increase in speed. The noise level produced by rotation of the blades is 40dB @ 4.5m/s wind speed and 68dB at 25m/s wind speed. About 300 Wind Turbines are already operational and performing exceptionally well across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia for the past few years


3.Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines are suited for rooftop installations upto 2KW and ground installations from 3KW to 20KW capacities. Rugged in construction with best in class performance, they are not recommended in the congested urban settings due to large swept area of the turbines. They can be installed in the countryside, rural areas, smaller towns with open spaces and isolated regions with no grid connectivity. Most of these turbines are already operational worldwide and have been performing for more than 6 years now in on-grid and off-grid configurations. Probably, one of the few turbines which produces 130% of rated power at 13m/s Wind Speed.


4.Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines(VAWTs) available from 1KW to 10KW are best suited for integration into the tall building structures and on rooftops. These turbines deliver best performance in high turbulent conditions and varying wind directions specially on the top of tall buildings and offshore platforms. Other turbine technologies perform poorly in such conditions. It is observed that VAWTs produce 40% more energy than horizontal axis wind turbines on an yearly basis. We do not recommend installation of VAWTs on the ground or on bungalow rooftops since they do not offer any distinct advantage in such applications.


4.Micro Hydro Turbines

  • Micro Hydro Turbines available from 1KW to 30KW are useful in generating power in two different applications.
  • Can generate power in hilly areas where water flows from a natural head. This is a traditional practice followed worldwide for more than a century now. We have a attached a ready reckoner chart to select the right hydro turbine for the available head and flow rate.
  • Hydro turbines can  also be installed in tall buildings in the urban setting to generate power. Water following down from the rooftop water tank can be capitalized to install hydro turbines and generate power for atleast 4-5 hours/ day during the morning and evening hours. Note that hydro turbines generate power at 80-85% efficiency compared to 15-20%  for Wind Turbines and Solar PV Systems. Hence this is useful energy which can be consumed in the common areas for lighting, CCTV, Wi-Fi, etc.